Job Description :


Product Owner Areas of Focus

Product Representative (Proxy Product Owner)

Accepts Team Increments and User Stories

Contributes to Product Vision and Roadmap

Defines Stories & Acceptance Criteria, and Sprints

Drives Sprint Goals

Focused on Products (e.g. Web Pricer)

Manages the Team Backlog in cooperation with the Product Manager

Mostly Team Focused (Collocated with Team(s)) with input on Market/Customer items.


Product Representative (Proxy Product Owner)

The ideal Product Representative (Proxy Product Owner) represents the customer in the Agile Team. As such, the Product Representative must be available to actively participate in major team events to clarify requirements and priorities. The product owner works with the team to define and prioritize stories in the team backlog. The Product Representative can provide input to the Product roadmap to implement the Product Vision, prioritizing requirements, and performing trade-off analysis. 

The MPSM Product Representative can be a member of the contractual/delivery team and servers as the Team's decision-making authority and representative on behalf of the Product Manager and the end-user community. As the software is produced, the MPSM Product Representative works directly with the MPSM Product Manager to review and accept delivered functionality, and organize, control, and facilitate user testing as needed.

The detailed responsibilities of the MPSM Product Representative are listed below:

·       Proxy content authority for the Team Backlog (in conjunction with the MPSM Product Manager)

·       Defines and Accepts user stories.

·       Definition is heavily supported by the team.

·       Acceptance requires input from MPSM Product Manager.

·       Continuously refines the team backlog and elaborates user stories to support developer needs.

·       Assist the MPSM Product Manager with the decomposition of Jira Epics into User Stories.

·       Ensure the Team understands the items in the Team Backlog.

·       Engages the MPSM Product Manager to serve as the Customer for developer questions. Supports the team by making quick, practical, and effective decisions to keep the team moving forward.

·       Works with Product Managers for all levels of planning.

·       Drives Sprint Goals and content via prioritized user stories.

·       Collaborate with other Product Owners to identify cross-team dependencies as needed.

·       Coordinate/Collaborate with the stakeholder community, the CMS Program, CMS Information System Group, and Human Centered Design Teams to develop Product Road Map as needed for your product.

·       Support all standard ceremonies and release planning.

·       Solution, Technology, and Team focused.


Client : CMS


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