Job Description :

Job Title: NodeJs Developer

Location: Remote

*Must have Skill1


*Must have Skill2


*Must have Skill 3

Web 2.0

Job Description:

Create, code, and improve the server, server-side applications, and databases that, when combined with front-end codes, help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user

• Troubleshoot and improve current back-end applications and processes

• Analyze current codes and industry developments, formulate more efficient processes, solve problems, and create a more seamless experience for users

• Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement

•  Collaborate with the front-end developers and other team members to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive codes to enhance the user experience

• Develop ideas for new programs, products, or features by monitoring industry developments and trends

• Record data and report it to proper parties

•Participate in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices, learn new programming languages, and better assist other team members

• Take lead on projects


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