Job Description :

Explanation Of Position: Systems Programmer position in Windows Web Services. We support hundreds of applications that are based on, Microsoft IIS and A e Cold Fusion as their websites    

Details Of Position:

Platforms Supported: 
Windows Server IIS 
Microsoft BizTalk 
ColdFusion – programing language 
ASP .Net –programming language 
IBM Watson Search Engine 

Skills Required: 
In depth Knowledge of IIS (Advancednbsp;
Intermediate Knowledge of Windows OS 
Intermediate knowledge of networking 
Intermediate knowledge of WEB Security 
In depth Troubleshooting skills 
Excellent communication and writing skills 
Intermediate knowledge of physical and\or virtual hardware functionalities and design Other 3rd Party Software 

Knowledge will be plus: 
IBM Watson 
SureSync Support Hours (Shift, Days of Week, Hours in EST): 24 x 7 x 365 days a year We rotate primary and secondary support between teams, offshore employees are required to support nights and weekend. Baseline Volume Examples- SMC Support Tickets, SMS Client Requests, OPS view Alerts, Inbound calls, Other Critical Activities 

% Breakdown of each and % of Total 
Client support Tickets:20% 
Client work\task Requests: 70% 
Inbound calls: 10% Service Level Agreements (SLA''snbsp;

Service Level Agreements 
SLA – SMC Work\Task– SLA are 72 hours 
Description – we assign analyst within 72 hours 
Required Service Level – 99% of the time we meet our SLA