Job Description :

Able to communicate a technical vision to team members and business stakeholders.

Able to design, build, and maintain modern cloud native applications and reimagine monolithic applications as connected with as part of an event sourced collection of microservices.

Able and/or keen to work with event-based architectures, REST, GraphQL, Apache Kafka, Java Spring, Apache Nifi, Apache Pinot and Apache Superset just to get us started.

Working cloud experience, public and/or private.

Familiar with async/sync event sourcing architectures and CQRS as well as traditional OLTP RDBMS sync systems.

Hands on experience with open-source database technology, Postgres, Apache Pinot, Cassandra, Mongo, Redis etc.

Strong architecture knowledge, performance tuning and design patterns.

Strong production experience operating both Community and Enterprise Confluent Kafka clusters including multi-region broker setup, clustering, Mirror Maker, Replication, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, ksqlDB.

Work with multiple agile teams and architects, develops engineers across our international footprint to ensure consistency of solutions or an acceptable level of divergence of solutions.

Ensure the ongoing scalability, security, and maintainability of our products

Client : Morgan Stanley


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