Job Description :

For one of our ongoing project we are looking for Multi skilled Java developers with Python , Spark, Horton Works / Hadoop, 
Job Duties Include but not limited to the following:

  • Standing up cutting-edge analytical capabilities, leveraging automation, cognitive and science-based techniques to manage data and models, and drive operational efficiency by offering continuous insights and improvements.
  • Help with System Integration, Performance Evaluation and Application scalability and Resource refactoring, based on utilizing a thorough understanding of applicable technology, tools such as Python, Spark, Hadoop, AtScale, Dremio and existing designs.

Required Qualifications
• 8+ years of software engineering experience
• 3+ years of development experience with Python, Spark, Java
• 3+ years of Hadoop experience (Horton Works preferred)
• 2+ years of business intelligence and reporting experience
• 1+ years of development experience with AtScale/Dremio/Tableau
Desired Qualifications
• 1+ years of development experience in Anaconda environment
• 1+ years of DevOps experience
• SAS programming experience in model implementation, reporting, and complex data manipulations
Most importantly, we need resources who are computational/quantitatively experienced. We are not looking for people with high level of data movement in big data experience.


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