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I have an urgent opening of iOS/iWatch App Developer,please find the job description below.


Job Description:-Subaru - iOS/iWatch App Developer Long Term Contract
12 Months


WFH, but need to be within commuting distance to Subaru. 25-30 miles max. Consultant should be within 50 miles ultimatley tehy have to work onsite asap. but initially its remote. 
Start Date
Interview Schedule
A long Video call with HM.


Position Description
12 Month or more,  native iOS/iWatch Developer position with Subaru of America to enhance, develop, and teach best practices for an already created beta iWatch app. Need someone adept in swift programming who can dictate, be the go to person from a development standpoint. This position has the potential to grow into something very long term or permanent should the Watch App take off and the company continues to steer down this route with mobile device integration
Watch App Description
Essentially the iWatch app is going to duplicate all the function of the my Subaru APP, which allows things like remote start, keyless entry. The functions of a keyfob but on the app. This takes it a step further to have your watch to be able to direct start your car and such.
They will work with designers eventually, as of right now the app has not been integrated into the marketing department yet.
Go Live for the App for testing is the end of the year 2021, Dec
Job Description 
from the Hiring Manger – 
This position will be working solely in a native app environment using Xcode. They must have strong debugging skills and be able to create user interfaces based designs supplied by designers
Key Technical skills

  • Must know Swift and SwiftUI
  • iOS and WatchOS experience a must
  • Experience with AlamoFire API framework a plus

Nitin Gupta
Technical Recruiter  Cybertec, Inc    
11710 Plaza America Suite 2000    
Reston, VA 20190    


Client : Subaru of America


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