Job Description :
Informatica Administrator - MI

Job Description:
This team supports Informatica and all of it’s tools such as BDM (Big Data Management), EDC (Enterprise Data Catalog), and EDL (Enterprise Data Lake This person will be responsible for installation, troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance, and upgrading of the Informatica tools. They will be working with multiple teams across Ford including GDIA, Mobility, and Engineering so they must have good communication.

Top 3:
3-5+ years of experience with Informatica and at least 2 of the Informatica tools listed below
Version 10.1.1 or newer – they are currently on 10.2.2
Knowledge of how Informatica works with Oracle / how data gets stored (Informatica stores it’s data in Oracle Databases)
Tools: BDM (Big Data Management), EDC (Enterprise Data Catalog), Enterprise Data Lake (EDL, this tool was recently renamed by Informatica as Enterprise Data Preparation or EDP)
1+ year of experience with Hadoop
HDP2.6 or above
Knowledge how the Informatica tools mentioned above are installed on Linux and configured to work wi
3-5+ years of experience with Linux
SuSe or RHEL (They use SuSE Linux for installing our tools and Hadoop is installed on RedHAT flavor of Linux)
Understanding of how Informatica sits on the Linux platform

Nice to Have: Scripting (Bash, Shell, Python), Hadoop Administration