Job Description :
Job Title: GCP Data Engineer
Location: Westlake, Texas (USA)
Position type: Full time Only
Rate: DOE

Mandatory Skills:
Analyze business requirements, data sources, processing needs and method for architecting data platforms on GCP cloud
Experience in Architecting and designing solutions leveraging services like Cloud Big query, Clod Data Flow, Cloud Pub OR Sub, Cloud BigTable
Design, develop, test and implement data pipeline using GCP Cloud Data Flow, GCP Cloud Storage, Spark on DataProc etc. for ingesting.
Extensive background in Compute Systems on Google Cloud (Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Engine)
Should possess working knowledge of Google Cloud storage systems (Objects, Files, RDBMS, NoSQL)
Experienced with On Premise System Migration to Cloud
Good Working knowledge of Cloud Security and IAM (Identity and Access Management)
GCP Knowledge of Stack driver (Monitoring, Logging, Debugging and Tracing on Google Cloud Platform)
Cloud computing concepts like Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), DNS, CDN, Load Balancing and Auto Scaling.
Detailed knowledge of Availability and Disaster Recovery in context of GCP
Awareness of billing and cost optimization on GCP.
Preparing, processing data and ML Models and Implement ML algorithms in GCP Platform tools
Hands on experience with Docker/Kubernetes
Good to have Application development experience in Java/Python
Experience on setting policies at Dataset level.
ETL Background mandatory
Worked on Minimum 2-3 migration projects on Large scale
Interpersonal Skills
Well-developed analytical & problem-solving skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
Excellent leadership skills with ability lead and guide and groom the team
Excellent team player, able to work with virtual teams
Ability to learn quickly in a dynamic start-up environment
Able to talk to client directly and report to client/onsite
Flexibility to work on different Shifts and Stretch

Client : Mphasis