Job Description :

We are seeking a highly experienced full stack engineer who is committed to value-driven software development that wants to be a leader building the promotional messaging application for Best Buy. You must have a strong technical background in Groovy and/or Java, React, and relational databases. You must be comfortable with a development lifecycle that begins with Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and is followed with TDD unit tests. Your work will be within short branch lifecycles; usually only a couple of hours. You will maintain a deployment pipeline that is fully automated and builds to production daily. You will feel comfortable on a team that is frequently, if not always, pairing (for everything – coding, meetings, analysis, and documentation). 
Skills Used Daily: 
•    Building the simplest possible thing that will continually deliver working software to customers 
•    Prioritize, communicate clearly, and consistently deliver results 
•    Paired Programming 
•    ATDD and TDD: all testing is test-first, automated, and handled by the development team 
•    Relentless refactoring 
•    Services and micro-services development: REST, HTTP, Java, Spring, Groovy, JSON, Kafka 
•    React (Material UI) or other Javascript frameworks 
•    Peer review code 
Additional Skills/Experience: 
Desirable Soft Skills: 
•    Knowledge of modern deployment, CI/CD, and configuration management tools 
•    Ability and aptitude to dig into and solve challenging problems and proactively avoid 
•    Scripting, automation, and troubleshooting of processes and systems 
•    Networks, security, firewalls, load balancers, DNS, and other infrastructure components 
• Courage to communicate in an honest and direct manner 
•    Willing to accept decisions that depart from your opinion 
•    Able to draft user stories and acceptance criteria 
•    Enthusiastic and self-motivated 
•    Excellent organizational skills 

Client : Best Buy


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