Job Description :
Solution Architect/Full stack developer



Market rate

The solution architect will be responsible to taking an already established high level design and transforming into a low-level technical design for a custom-built software solution centered around our client’s network monitoring product collecting data for a customer facing portal that integrates with Remedy, Network Apps, Oracle SQL Database.
The resident will join an existing team plus 1 additional Golang Backend Developer and 2 additional front-end developers. The custom software consists of front-end widgets and UI, backend Rest APIs, Database integrations and SQL Queries.

The backend system is an SLA Aggregator Engineer that works of collected network and meta data from our clients Monitoring product, Network devices and end clients provided API from theirsystems. The output will be to a data insight and reporting tool front end dashboard type UI written in React.js

Required Skills:

7 years’ experience Full-stack Software Development and Engineering experience.

Minimum of 1-2 projects as a Solution Architect incorporating Backend Development, Rest APIs, and Frontend UI/Dashboard and Reporting

Must have hands on development experience and be familiar with both Golang (GO)and React.js

Network Acumen is essential for this role, do not have to be a network engineer or admin.

Must have excellent communication skills, will be liaison with end client on all communication oral and written. Strong design, documentation, and presentation skills are essential.