Job Description :

Job Post _ ITEKJP00021828-Intel Corporation

Job Title– Software Engineer: Configuration Management 

Location – Hillsboro Oregon USA 97124

Duration- 3+ Months (Probability to extend)

Hours per Week: Monday-Friday

Shift: 8 AM to 5:00PM

Description: Job Title: Software Configuration Management Engineer.

Please note: This will be a Remote role

GIT, Jenkins, Continuous Integration systems, Python, Perl.

Years of experience required for this positions: 2-4 Years of experience with Git for android

1-2 years of experience with continuous integration systems like Jenkins etc.

2-4 years of experience working with Linux,

1-2 years of experience with python, Perl etc. for developing cron jobs, automation scripts etc.

Minimum Educational Requirement: BS degree required for this role.

Job description: This person will be responsible for maintaining the health of the software repositories, ensuring that the software can be successfully built and is working all the time. Responsible for ownership of delivering the software to - Various internal teams and organizations, ensuring that all incremental changes and patches are synchronized to different build IInes and build systems. Also responsible for ensuring that software being developed by external - Vendors and teams is properly sanitized, integrated and shared.

Responsible for producing periodic builds of the software and making it available for -
Various - Validation teams and coordinating the flow of defect fixes into the stable build IInes.
This person needs to be enthusiastic about Ieveraging automation of software patch and build management and enhancing existing processes to improve them continuously and guide the team members within and outside the organization to sound practices.

Additional Skills and or education: Expertise in managing software configuration systems IIke GIT. Integrating software patches developed by other team members, creating full and partial software releases suitable for quality teams, merging the final changes into the main repositories. Developing automation scripts to automate the process of code flow, patch management as much as possible. Be passionate about automation in general.

Client : Intel


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