Job Description :

Role: DevOps Engineer

Location: Columbia SC

Duration: 12+ Months

Your future duties and responsibilities

  • Should be hands on with application build automation tool Maven/Gradle
  • Experience in writing Groovy/Python Scripts for executing commands on Jenkins for build/deploying application
  • Experience in building application CICD pipeline using Jenkins, expertize in setting up CI/CD
  • Experience in working with application GIT/Bit Bucket - branching strategy
  • Experience in using Sonar for continuous inspection of application code to detect bugs, code smells and security vulnerabilities
  • Experience in using Nexus Artifact repository & Component lifecycle management for given application
  • Experience in automating application deployments, some exposure to application deployment to AWS Infrastructure
  • Experience with full SDLC lifecycle, taking from Dev to Release
  • Experience with Urban Code Deployment (UCD)
  • Hands-on experience with developing using AWS services and using AWS CLI
  • Building a release pipeline to enable fast, but safe delivery of critical business software to Production
  • Developing DevOps framework and implement standards, processes, and controls for release and deployment activities using UrbanCode Deploy, Jenkins and Terraform.
  • Experience developing web applications and services using any of the language Groovy, Python, Java, Ruby, shell scripting, NodeJS, Bash, Perl, React, Angular, C# etc.

Required qualifications to be successful in this role

  • 2-3 years of experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Pipeline as Code, Automated Single click Deployment, Configuration Management with large/mid-size application with production support
  • 2-3 years of experience with AWS Cloud based DevOps practices, specially hands on experience with Cloud formation templates, Terraform
  • 1-2 years of experience with Containerization and Orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Develop sound version control best practices based CM systems (SVN, GIT , etc.), including branching and merging strategies
  • Serve as a technical lead for an Agile team and actively participate in all Agile ceremonies. Participate in all team ceremonies including planning, grooming, product demonstration and team retrospectives.
  • Leverage Fannie Mae DevOps tool stack to build, inspect, deploy, test and promote new or updated features.
  • Knowledge on Site reliability engineering for infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Develop best practices for software build tools (Gradle ,Maven, ANT, Shell, Make ) and continuous integration tools (Jenkins,codebuild, codepipeline), and infrastructure automation (Terraform ,Puppet, Chef ansible etc.)

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field

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