Job Description :
Job Title : Developer/Prgm Java
Location : San Antonio, TX (Remote for now)
Duration : 24 Months contract
Technical Skills:
* Required experience for experienced java developer with scripting experience DevOps Developer (else consideration for jr/mid-level with potential)
* 2-3 yrs. min exp with Software Development Life Cycle: Develop, Build, Test, Deploy; Experience migrating code through Change Management
* 2-3 yrs. exp Knowledge of Java application development, for logic/thinking skills
* 2-3 yrs. exp Thorough knowledge of DevOps, should be able to develop Automation Scripts from scratch - concepts should be very clear.
* Strength in writing scripts; Bash, Shell, Groovy, Yaml - Required Work Duty
* Troubleshooting experience - fixing errors is very easy, but trying to find root cause and resolve so it''s not repeated is very important
* Desire to learn, mainframe concepts and navigation
* Experience with agile methodologies, working knowledge of features/stories; Prefer: Experience using Jira
* Proven ability (or willingness to learn) different technologies or environments from existing skillsets
Soft Skills: Required Keys to be successful
* MUST: Learning Agility - Ability & Desire to learn new things (Aptitude & Attitude), Curious, Inquisitive, Persistent
* Teaming, Collaboration - Works well with others
* Solid verbal communication - Speak clearly, able to present/demonstrate work product
* Proactive Voice - speak up to ask questions to clarify assignment without being asked
* Strong work ethic, sense of urgency to deliver results
* Preferred: Creative, look for better ways to complete assignments and continually seeking knowledge
* #1 Writing Scripts (open to which tool Groovy, Bash, Shell, YAML - REQUIRED
* #2 Software - Git, Java, Eclipse or any editor, Work Item management, Agile Concepts, CI/CD Process - REQUIRED
* #3 Knowledge in DevOps - Concepts should be very clear.
* #4 Troubleshooting experience - Fixing Errors is very easy but trying to find what caused it and make sure it does not repeat is very important
Daily Responsibilities:
* Write scripts necessary for pipeline development (Analyze, Design, Code, Test, Implement)
* Build and troubleshoot event driven pipelines
* Understand component relationships & build component migration automation throughout the full SDLC
* Leverage branching strategies to create runways in pipelines according to customer needs.
* Test, review, and integrate tools using java and scripting frameworks
* Breakdown Work (Features/Stories) into discreet tasks & deliverables
* Respond to customer inquiries received from front door ticket
* Consult Leads/Architect for technology designs
* Demo/Present deliverables to an audience/stakeholders, Peer reviews with team/Architect
* Update WIM in Jira appropriately
* DevOps, our mission is to focus on improving the productivity and effectiveness of the mainframe community through process improvement, tooling and training.
* Team Objective: Migrate mainframe development off the mainframe platform onto a CI/CD Pipeline Infrastructure. This infrastructure utilizes:
* scripting (Gradle and Groovy)
* GitLab for a source repository
* JFrog Artifactory for version control
* IBM Urban Code Deploy (UCD) for deployment.
* Work Assignments: Write the scripts as required for accomplishing this goal. Included in this is navigating the mainframe, which hands-on learning is acceptable, some knowledge is preferred. Having an understanding of what types of artifacts are "compiled" and which ones are "linked" and which ones do not require either is very helpful.
* This migration is our "Modernization of the Host SCM Tool" and although it is a very large and long running project, there are deliverables with short timelines to achieve this.