Job Description :
Advanced understanding of probability, statistics, machine learning, data science
Expertise in data correlation/feature analysis, analysis of machine learning models, and optimizing models for accuracy
Proficiency in transforming and cleaning data & working across multiple models
Ability to research and manipulate complex and large data sets (both distributed and non-distributed)
Strong fundamentals in problem solving, algorithm design, and model building
Ability to solve complex business problem through a blend of logical and creative thinking
Strong communication skills with excellent ability to synthesize complex information
Excellent Code writing capability in Python and familiarity with relevant ML packages
Familiarity with libraries such as Pandas, Scikit-learn etc.
Experience of working on Fraud detection solution
Excellent knowledge of anomalies/outliers detection using unsupervised algorithms – clustering, Local Outlier Factor, Isolation Forest , etc.
Deep learning experience - added advantage
Experience: 5+ Years

Education: Master’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Math, Applied Statistics, or related field.