Job Description :
Job Title : Data Engineer
Location : Houston, TX
Duration : 12 months
Job Description :
This is going to be a backfill for a role that I placed for which the candidate could not join the project.
Successful candidate will have more than (5) five years of experience as a Data Engineer along with Cloud architecture experience.
Key Skills needed :
1. Azure Databricks
2. Azure Data Factory
3. Azure Data Lakes
4. Python
If interested in this role, email your resume. We can setup a time to talk.
Will email you the complete JD
Job Details :
* Work with other data engineers, data ingestion specialists, and experts across the company to consolidate methods and tool standards where practical.
* Work independently on complex data engineering problems to support data science strategy of products.
* Use broad and deep technical knowledge in the data engineering space to tackle complex data problems for product teams, with a core focus on using technical expertise.
* Improve the data availability by acting as a liaison between Lab teams and source systems.
* Collect, blend, and transform data using ETL tools, database management system tools, and code development.
* Implement data models and structures data in ready-for business consumption formats.
* Aggregate data across various warehousing models (e.g. OLAP cubes, star schemas, etc for BI purposes.
Collaborate with business teams and understand how data needs to be structured for consumption.
Must Have Skills
* 5 years or more experience in a Data Engineer.
* 5 Year in an Agile environment.
* Cloud Architecture experience, preferably in an Azure environment.