Job Description :



Job Description:


•  Translating business requirements into technical specifications, including data streams, integrations, transformations, databases, and data warehouses.

•  Identify and help document Non-Functional requirements for data management and ETL processes / procedures.

•  Defining the data architecture framework, standards and principles, including modeling, metadata, security, reference data such as plan codes and claims categories, and   master data such as member ids, PHI and PII Data

•  Defining reference architecture, which is a pattern that others can follow to create and improve data systems

•  Understand existing Data design patterns, ETL workflows and framework for processing files through batch jobs

•  Provide insights and recommendations to use existing Production data for testing use cases.

•  Propose and design a synthetic data creation framework by understanding Quality , Quantity and nature of data and its interdependences

•  Defining data flows, i.e., which parts of the organization generate data, which require data to function, how data flows are managed, and how data changes in transition

•  Collaborating and coordinating with multiple departments, stakeholders, partners, and external vendors.

•  Identify automation opportunities and provide implementation guidelines and recommendations.




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