Job Description :

Location: Mountain View CA ( Remote till Covid)

Duration 6+ months


Must Have:

- MySQL 5.6/5.7+, MySQL Operation best practices (Logging, Clustering, Monitoring, Security, Backup, Restore, DR, Perf Testing, Streaming migrations, Percona), Terraform, GCLOUD, Ansible (preferred), Bash (preferred)

CloudSQL Infrastructure (VPC, IAM, Firewalls, VPC Service Controls)


Libraries: MySQL 5.6+ Gcloud Any Terraform v11+ Ansible v2.7+

Google Cloud SQL

Advanced Terraform / Ansible / Gcloud Debugging MySQL Perf Issues / MySQL Perf Testing / MySQL Admin Database Migration from On Prem/ / Other Cloud AWS RDS and/or Azure SQL


Non-technical criteria:

•  Professional behavior

•  Leadership, Ability to lead architecture related discussions that result in organization decisions

•  Willingness to collaborate and share knowledge (Specifically around MySQL and Postgres, ideally Cloud SQL on GCP, okay working with another PM, Database Engineer, and distributing / taking over existing tasks)

•  Resilience (In troubleshooting, debugging, task fulfillment, learning new code bases with Terraform and Ansible and Bash)

•  Patience and ability to navigate a traditional enterprise which may at times, may move slower than expectations



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