Job Description :

Job Role : Call Center Lead- SVM Operations

Job Type : Full Time Requirement

Clent : TCS/ Google

Location : Austin, TX

Note : Remote Till Covid and then Onsite Job

  1. 2-4 years of experience managing teams with voice/non voice projects. willing to work in 24*7*365 days- Must Have
  2. Strong communication, coordination skills & have been in a position where he/she has managed a big group and worked with Business Users as well as backend people - Must Have
  3. Experience of Managing Partners and interaction with business users - Must Have
  4. Can work with complex spreadsheets/ multitasking (While managing the team he/she will also need to continue working on spreadsheets himself/herself) - Must Have
  5. Experience with workflow/process based tool i.e. CRM, ticketing tool etc.
  6. Should be willing to work in 24*7*365 days - must have
  7. Ability to create & maintain SOPs, perform RCA & process improvements - must have
  8. Ability to create & analyze data/team metrics for performance tracking & reporting purposes - must have
  9. Experience coaching & training team members.
  10. Responsible for scheduling the team and team growth
  11. Responsible for scaling up the team numbers
  12. Familiarity with GSuite - Good to have
  13. Understanding of how US TV Networks work & US sports- Nice to Have

The customer is a competitor of Netflix - in the streaming video market and you are required to manage Blackout Operations team -

Description of Blackout Operations Services

Lead a team that performs “blackout services” for streaming/video items that need to be “disabled” within certain delivery areas.  
Team  “Disables” and “enable” viewing within certain areas as defined by the streaming media processes and viewing restrictions.
Mentor the team to monitor “disabled” activities and “enable” viewing once certain “restricted” activity is completed.


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