Job Description :

 Job Responsibilities: 

  • ·         Researching high quality of the material required for a particular blockchain project. 
  • ·         Designing and developing applications using blockchain technology.
  • ·         Testing and troubleshooting the blockchain-driven projects.
  • ·         Back end and front end application maintenance. 
  • ·         Evaluating blockchain applications.
  • ·         Fully implemented and involved in the blockchain ecosystem for integrating the latest possible improvements.  
  • ·         Provide solutions for the existing blockchain platform used. 
  • ·         Preparing docs for every project and leading the team to create better solutions for the existing blockchain technology. 
  • ·         Ability to create an application or system using blockchain technology as a solution to the organization. 

 Job Skills Required:


  • ·         Strong background in software development
  • ·         Proficiency in programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, C# (this mainly depends upon the project)
  • ·         Experience in working with codebases
  • ·         Hands-on experience on open source projects 
  • ·         Standard algorithms and data structures knowledge
  • ·         Basic understanding of Cryptography 
  • ·         Familiarity with peer to peer networks
  • ·         Experience with the top blockchain technology like Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • ·         Having the capability of writing multiheaded code

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