Job Description :

Job Description

Expert in in iOS/Android design technique as well as experience working across large environments with multiple operating systems/infrastructure for large-scale programs (e.g., Expert Engineers) starting to be firm-wide resources working on projects across Client
Is multi-skilled with expertise across software development lifecycle and toolset
May be recognized as a leader in Agile and cultivating teams working in Agile frameworks
Sought out as coach for at least one technical skill
Strong understanding of techniques such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test
Driven Development, Cloud Development, resiliency, security
Stays abreast of cutting edge technologies/trends and uses experience to influence application of those technologies/trends to support the business; may give speeches and outside the firm, writes articles
Additional Skills:
Minimum of 3 years development experience with iOS applications. Proficient in Swift & experienced with Objective C. Familiarity with agile development practices. Experience working with Git version control in a collaborative team environment, creating pull requests and performing code reviews. Ability to work in various team sizes that could scale anywhere from working solo to a team of ten plus developers across various disciplines Deep understanding of UIKit, Foundation, and other core iOS frameworks. Contributed to at least one application on the Apple AppStore. Ability to reference Apple HIG and iOS best practices. Able to maintain and refactor existing codebases to best practices and new technologies. Understanding of network frameworks as well as third parties such as Alamofire. Decision making skills and understanding tradeoffs when choosing to use third party libraries. Experience with Fastlane and Continuous Integration

Client : Pinnacle Group


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