Job Description :
Candidate is expected to perform following tasks:
Create new or update existing editable templates and policies in AEM
Create new components including AEM authoring dialog (including backend model classes)
Update or extend existing components (including backend model classes)
Add/update client libraries (CSS, JS, JQuery)
Add/update/integrate analytics script with component
Optimize page performance (from front end perspective)
Use dynamic media renditions/presets in components via media queries
Update/maintain documentation of components
Deploy front end code using maven build script and Jenkins in lower environments
Content Authoring for pages using developed components and templates
Basic unit testing and debugging of component behavior from front end perspective in AEM environment
Update dispatcher configurations to allow new website access - preferred
Get code reviewed by Tech Lead/Architect and implement review comments

Candidate is expected to have following skills:
2+ years of front-end development experience in AEM (experience on latest AEM versions preferred)
Familiarity with basic AEM interface (CRX DE, AEM start page, etc
Experience creating responsive components
Experience with ADA compliant components
GitHub or any other modern version control system
Sass framework
CSS and JS compilation and minification
Handlebars Mustache
Basic experience with HTL, JSP, Java
Candidate should be able to create/update model classes for components
Create/update/extend AEM components
Create/update/extend AEM authoring dialog
Bootstrap framework
Familiarity with Gulp/WebPack as a task runner

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