Job Description :

Client Google

Location Mountain View, CA (Candidates has to work from Client location)

Release Manager for Portal & Apps

  • Excellent communication, and coordination skills.
  • Readability skills for Java: Intermediate
  • Understand the complexity of code (CLs)
  • Familiarity with client infrastructure including (but not limited to) Critique, Rapid (critical), Code Search, Buganizer
  • Familiarity with Android and iOS release process as well as relevant dashboards (such as listnr) to monitor quality is a plus
  • Ability to negotiate and shield engineers from requests and questions is a plus. This can include proactively communicating


Here is a partial list of responsibilities for the release manager:

  • Help the team achieve increased cadence of releases
  • Help take the load away from SWEs that is part of buildcop duties
  • Help come with and execute on the release process
  • Help come up with and update the release checklist
  • Help build a release schedule and ensure the team adheres to it
  • Help build and maintain a detailed release notes
  • Help manage cherrypicks and rollups towards the release; find ways to fulfil requests without CPs
  • Help with Rapid workflow changes for above and other requirements
  • Help with release monitoring and roadmap planning
  • Help monitor the rollouts for crashes
  • Help with managing dogfood / teamfood groups
  • Help manage multiple branches of Fiber Apps

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