Job Description :
Job Title : Reactive programmer with microservices
Location : Iselin, NJ/ Boynton Beach, FL/Tampa, FL
Duration : 12 months contract
* Experience in Reactive API programming using Spring webflux and Spring Cloud Streams.
* Spring WebFlux provides an implementation of the reactive streams specification, which is a standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back pressure
* Hands on experience with event driven micro services
* Experience implementing Spark(Big Data Technology) is a plus
* Hands-on experience on latest Spring and Spring Boot Framework including Web flux
* Experience with variety of data and persistence technologies such as SQL, No-SQL (ex- Cassandra), and caching platforms
* Good Experience on data Streaming using Kafka, data messaging and event driven systems
* Technical experience on cloud-based application architectures, micro services and distributed systems
* Hands-on experience with cloud platform such as pivotal cloud Foundry or AWS, or container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
* Experience applying and advancing modern agile software delivery practices such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), TDD, and BDD, Champion of a DevOps culture and automation
* Expertise in application, data and infrastructure architecture disciplines
* Advanced knowledge of architecture, design and business processes
* Keen understanding of financial control and budget management
* Ability to work collaboratively in teams and develop meaningful relationships to achieve common goals
* Current extensive high-level enterprise architecture and software design
* College Degree in Computer Science or Software engineering or equivalent experience is required
* Excellent Verbal and Written Communications