Job Description :
Role: React, Hooks with Cloud
Client is open to 25% remote work per week
Need locals
Location: Minneapolis MN
Duration: 12 months

TARGET PROFILES(in order of desirability)
#1 - React Senior Developer (v16); 1 project built with Functional Components and Hooks at minimum; Some Java, Angular, Cloud; Currently local to Minneapolis area.

Javascript Framework React.js (ReactJS, React, etc
Cloud Computing (notate in comments which ones you have worked with)

Javascript Framework AngularJS
Java Framework Spring
Javascript Framework Angular 2+
Javascript Framework React.js Function Components
Javascript Framework React.js Hooks
Cloud AWS
Is candidate open to contract-to-hire and/or direct hire? (optional; notate in comments which one or both)
If not listed in resume, notate here ALL education details for candidate (institution, degree, year of graduation)
Provide either (1) an online profile (LinkedIn URL, etc) or (2) a reference that you reported to. If providing reference, share name, company, phone, and email where email is from the domain of the company. If neither, put NA in comments.

Trading Systems (execution, etc
Javascript Framework Node.js
Javascript Framework Redux (state)
1st Language English or equivalent (i.e. 8 years in US, AUS, Singapore, Europe, etc
Is the candidate willing, if requested, to authorize background checks and/or education checks as part of selection process?
Is the candidate willing, if requested, to take drug screen as part of selection process?
Skype ID of candidate (in case agent or client requests video call)
Screens with candidate (phone and/or video) may be recorded to enable the overall selection process. Are you comfortable with that?

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