Job Description :
Title: React Native Developer
Location: Houston/Dallas/Austin, TX

Overall Knowledge and Skills
Enjoys R&D environment creating new and innovative software products.
Enjoys collaborative and team-oriented environments
Needs to have a passion for software development, learning new technologies, and trying new methodologies.
Competent Knowledge and Skills
Experience with React/Redux
Strong knowledge of JavaScript and/or TypeScript
Unit testing and mocking (e.g. jest, mocha, NUnit, cpp-unit, Junit)
Experience with NPM package manager
Experience working on Agile software development teams
Communicate professionally verbally and in writing
Strong working knowledge of Git version control software
Experience with Node.js
Development using VSCode
Proficient Knowledge and Skills
Knowledge of React-Native
Knowledge of C#, C++ development and .Net Frameworks
Experience with NuGet package manager
Development using Visual Studio
Extensive experience creating high quality software in a team environment
Experience with Jira
Experience with different Software Review Processes
Experience with consuming REST based APIs
Advanced React Debugging Skills
Scrum and Agile software development methodologies


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