Job Description :
Flexon Technologies is a young and very fast-growing IT Services Company. If you join Flexon Technologies, you will become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest possible level of service and advice.


1.Develop, execute and trigger SQL queries using Selenium WebDriver and the Java Data
Base Connectivity (JDBC) API for database testing. Modify and maintain test scripts to
match database alterations for verification of key constraints, indexes, joins by triggering
stored procedures to test database integrity
2. Determine correct Parameter Selection, Parameter Combination, Call sequencing,
Output verification and validation for each API / WebService test case. Automate
scheduled execution of APIs by using Groovy scripts for Continuous Integration and
Continuous Delivery (CI – CD) using Jenkins
3. Research API documentation to design API HTTP request methods, URI, API headers
and body for test case to develop test script for dynamic access token handling with
appropriate OAuth1/OAuth2/Form authentication methods for various API endpoints
integrated forcustomer account information management using Java – REST Assured
4. Develop data and driven test framework capable of supporting multiple file formats
xls, .json, .xmlDevelop JMeter test scripts for concurrent user load to execute
performance testing to obtain system breakpoints in stress testing. Analyze system wait
times, CPU utilization, Response time message queues to determine bottlenecks in web
5. Develop test scripts in Java using Appium library for iOS and Android mobile
application using Page Object Model – TestNG framework behavior driven testing
approach. Develop methods to identify and reutilize UI locator elements (XPath,
Accessibility IDs) on mobile pages to simulate user action using Java Collection
Interfaces. Utilize any build automation tool / dependency management tool like
Maven/Gradle to handle library management for Allure or any other test reporting tool
adopted by the stakeholders
6. Perform initial debugging procedures by reviewing configuration files, appium logs,
stack trace and code pieces to determine breakdown source in case of defects reported
from customer portal.
7. Develop Java code with Maven/Gradle for parallel/concurrent thread execution of
multiple test cases on multiple OS platforms on cloud (virtual) and actual devices using
fragmented and distributed tasks for executing multiple appium sessions on multiple
system ports.
8. Develop and maintain test automation scripts using Cucumber, Gherkin and Selenium
WebDriver for website user interface testing adhering to Behavior Driven Testing
Approach. Design Allure Test Report template to distribute test metrics.
9. Integrate TestRail dashboard plugin with mobile test automation framework and
develop and maintain Jenkins CI – CD test pipeline to publish ‘TestRail’ test metrics and
dashboard to stakeholders with each automated test run.
10. Extract and analyze customer / user base information analytics (Crashlytics) to study
mobile application page crash reports and logs for further fine tuning of load testing.
Collaborate with company’s DevOps team for monitoring of critical app related services
through unit testing during weekly software deployments
11. Participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements,
product designs, schedules, or potential problems that address areas such as database
impacts, middleware stress points, customer bug report history, and usability in Agile

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements for the position of Quality Assurance Analyst

Minimum Education - a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering

Minimum Experience – Three (3) years of experience