Job Description :
ETL Datawarehouse Tester


li>This position is for a Quality Assurance Analyst who can develop and execute test plans for data ETL processes in a Data Warehouse environment (staging tables, enrichment tables, current view tables, history tables, facts, dimensions./li>
li>Strong DB2 and SQL knowledge required./li>
li>Must have strong communication skills!/li>
li>Must be able to work independently without hand holding./li>
li>Must be driven and willing to take initiative./li>
li>Will be working on a scrum team so Agile experience preferred./li>

Skillsets/Technical knowledge:

li>Strong understanding of Data Warehouse environment (all layers; Oper Mart/staging, enrichment, Data Mart/consumption (facts & dimensions/li>
li>Data Modeling techniques (relational vs dimensional, historical vs current view)/li>
li>Good understanding of data acquisition methods/li>
li>Strong Informatica skills (for developers, bonus for QA/BA)/li>
li>Strong understanding of ETL processes in DW environment. Need to understand relationship between different DW layers/constructs/li>
li>Experience writing business requirements for data centric (analytic/reporting) needs (required for BA, bonus for BA/Dev)/li>
li>Experience creating test plans for ETL processes in a DW environment plus strong understanding of regression testing methods (required for QA, bonus for BA/Dev)/li>
li>Developers will be expected to assist with QA testing when needed/li>
li>Expected to assist with on-call responsibilities and production support/li>