Job Description :
Where we have been missing the mark continuously on candidates: java coding and selenium. Need scripting experience on both.

Coding in core java is KEY. They need people who can code at a developer level. They are extremely picky on this and start the interview with coding exercises. This is the number one reason for rejection of candidates.

6+ years with Java, Selenium, TestNG/JUnit, Cucumber, Rest APIs

open source tools like Selenium, Rest Assured, Karate are KEY- stay away from HP tools they need open source

Concentrate around Restful service automation libraries:

HTTP Client, and/or RestAssured and/or Karate etc.

Need experience with cloud projects including testing strategy (failover, pipelines and performance Any architect must have cloud experience.

Cloud microservices 3-5 yrs, Creating microservices, pushing to the cloud (this is an architectural style that they want to see)

Key Skills:

Http Client (oldies)

Rest assured


Pact (newest)

The above skills lead into Postman (manual testing for microservices)

*Stay away from soap ui

What we have been using to recruit for his roles so far and should still be used:

Need Restful (micro-service) automation experience. I need candidates not with SoapUI or QTP, I need candidates that have good fundamentals around Restful and Java open source libraries like:

1. HTTP Components (HTTP Client)

2. RestAssured

3. Pact

4. Karate

5. Jackson



8. JsonParcer

Must have:

Selenium/TestNG – 5 years proven experience (be careful about maintenance to proven experience creating POM/Factory solutions)

Cucumber – 3 years

SQL – 3 years relational db experience

Restful API automation (HTTPClient/RestAssured/Karate) – any combination

Postman/AdvanceRestClient/Swagger – 3 years (any combination)

Jenkins – experience creating jobs, addins, some Groovy (nice to have), multi-environments, monitoring jobs

Github/Git/Bitbucket – 3 years