Job Description :
Ilabor - 74413 Python Developer REMOTE/ preferred location CLT- for the right candidate will consider remote through the end of the year 9 month contract Team members : 9 Talked again about gaps being the python dev w/ libraries- having the Panda / Numpy/Matplot/ Pyspark knowledge For Pyspark did say 3.6-3.8 versions are where we need to be Must haves: Python 3.6-3.8 SQL Pyspark SQL / Python Pandas Numpy Matplot ib AWS (+) In the IV: They will provide code samples- will allow candidates to show what skills they have and how to approach the solution. They will need to be able to have camera on and take / share control of screens when necessary Scope of project: To help develop with python in libraries Create reports of data sets (of or in) Foundry using python code Rewrite those data sets in SWL and get them into excel to be shared Note: Ideal candidate will know more than Bargav wants someone who will come in and contribute skills sets and knowledge rather than the team having to take the time to teach them. Upcoming initiatives: eventually will focusing on loading data to Teradata and AWS

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