Job Description :
Skills and Qualifications:
Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
Must be able to work independently and in a diverse environment.
Must possess problem solving skills and the ability to multi task.
Must be able to work around projects, deadlines and operational needs with readiness to put in extra efforts when necessary.
Knowledge of project management theories and practices applicable to projects that are highly complex in scope of systems and procedures, used to evaluate a third party vendor’s performance and of local, state and federal laws and regulations relevant to the administration of the project undertaken.
Skill in project management monitoring, in addressing changes in scope and budget and in the use of computer and applicable software.
Ability to manage project activities; to establish project goals and objectives; to exercise sound judgment in making critical decisions, to analyze complex information and develop plans to address identified issues, demonstrate negotiation and facilitation skills, to identify project risks and gaps, to prepare reports, to communicate effectively.