Job Description :
Project Manager
Location: NY
Duration: 2 years

Job description:
84 months of experience in managing multiple complex IT projects, where regular interactions with stakeholders and/or executive level stakeholders were required.
84 months of experience managing complex business and/or operational processes, developing business and/or operational process flow charts.
72 months of experience in managing complex projects for government agencies.
60 months of experience working with the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid which includes Eligibility and Enrollment (not Health Care
48 months of experience in managing an IT project with a minimum of three project team members.
48 months of experience in managing, executing, and validating restacked eligibility/enrollment Medicaid transactions
48 months of experience with Rational Team Concert (RTC), including logging, tracking, and prioritizing work items.
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science or similar field of study.