Job Description :
RQ01213 - Project Manager/Leader Senior Toronto, ON Start Date 2021-04-15 End Date 2022-03-31 Rate: CAD $ 760/Day Assignment Type: Hybrid Security Level: No Clearance Required # Business Days: 521.00 Description MSP Notes Shortlisting Date: Monday, March 22nd at 2:00 pm EST Maximum number of Candidate Submissions: 1 (One) A note on Assignment Type: This position is currently listed as "Hybrid", however, the consultant will be remote due to COVID-19 related Work From Home (WFH) direction. Once the IT cluster staff are required to return to the office, the resource under this request will be required to work onsite as well. A note on Extension/Amendment Attestation: Extension(s) only allowed using unused days/funds left on contract. No additional funds will be added beyond maximum contract value Responsibilities: Provides project management on large scale, complex, high profile and high risk projects for OPS I&IT initiatives. Ensures project deliverables meet clients' business requirements on time, scope and budget, with a focus on cost-effectiveness, efficiencies and compliance with OPS project management methodologies and frameworks. The Cloud program will also focus on the delivery and ope-rationalization of several streams of work related to cloud based services for the OPS the successful applicant will need to ensure the following as part of the program delivery. Creating RACI, and Onboarding activities, Developing costing and pricing models, Service activation, Coordinating TRA and PIA activities, Developing training and operational guides, Coordinating enterprise architecture approvals General Skills: Leads organizational development, strategy development, business planning, and Ministry funding requests. Gathers and develops requirements in order to create and maintain a detailed project schedule and/or integrated plan. Ability to monitor and forecast project costs and provide reporting and input to ensure targets are met Experience developing and managing project schedules, deliverables, and scope Ability to promote I&IT project management best practices and adherence to standard methodologies Demonstrated experience directing project teams to ensure project deliverables are delivered on time and adhere to government and ministry standards Extensive experience coordinating and monitoring project processes, and developing/communicating guidelines and procedures Sources, selects and on-boards team members in various disciplines, clarify roles and responsibilities and set task/deliverable/performance expectations for resources that are both OPS unionized employees as well as fee for service (FFS) consultants. Resolves resourcing and inter-personal conflicts, negotiates changes to resourcing, ensures knowledge is shared among team members such as project objectives and deliverables are met. Develops complex project budgets based on multiple funding channels and cross ministry dependencies. Effectively manages large project budgets and ensures a high level of fiscal control and accountability including estimates, forecasts and reconciliation/confirmation of actuals. Proactively identifies potential risk events and issues before they occur so that proper mitigating strategies can be developed. Articulates and prioritizes issues and risks at senior executive levels and recommends mitigation strategies for decision makers. Establishes and participates in steering committee and stakeholder forums Provides, project, program, and/or portfolio reporting to multi-stakeholders at senior executive levels. Uses appropriate strategies and actions to overcome resistance to change and capitalize on forces in support of change during all stages of projects concept, definition, planning, implementation and close-out. Promotes OPS I&IT standards and best practices for project management to facilitate control of system quality, adherence to standard methodology and the control of the use of I&IT resources. Desirable Skills: Knowledge and understanding of Project Management's Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge Knowledge and understanding of Information Management principles, concepts, policies and practices Knowledge and understanding of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) and related regulations and standards Ability to make recommendations on the acquisition of software, hardware, and technology resources Experience managing and coordinating project monitoring, anticipates and troubleshoots issues, provides ongoing expertise, resolves problems and provides project effectiveness Ability to identify conflict between project and functional areas and develops responses to successfully address conflict Ability to handle client relationships to manage expectations, provides updates as required, identifies potential conflicts between project and functional areas Skills Experience and Skill Set Requirements Information Management / Project Manager/Leader / Level 3 Qualification & Experience - 25% Interview Questions: 1. Tell us how long you have been a project manager and what formal training and certifications you have in project management. 2. I would like you to tell us about a specific experience managing a large infrastructure based project. 3. Tell us what the project was about, providing details about scope, budget, resources and technology involved. Was the project successful and what were some of the lessons learned. Evaluation Parameters: Provides brief examples of work with that technology Focuses on Infrastructure-based examples Quantity of Infrastructure-based knowledge identified Project & Place where it took place Size Cost People Locations Articulates what the project entailed and how it was delivered. Specific example of Project Experience that you were unsuccessful in meeting the delivery expectations - 20% Interview Question: 1. Tell us about one of your project experiences that did not result in the delivery of a successful project and why. If you haven't had such an experience, tell us, based on your experience, what are some of the major causes of projects not being successful. Evaluation Parameters: Poor Documentation Lack Of Communication No Governance model Lack of Direction / Steering Committee Unachievable timelines Procurement Delays Vendor Delays Funding Provided a valid example of an unsuccessful delivery. Communication - 10% Interview Question: 1. Tell us what techniques and methods you use to formulate a communications plan at the beginning of a project to ensure that all project stakeholders receive the information they need during the project life cycle. Evaluation Parameters: Ability to speak from a project experience; identifies from a past example. Identifies audience: Steering Committee Sponsors Technical Team Project Team Client Identifies Communication Type: High-Level Financial Technical Requirement Based Schedule Change Requests Governance Example of Stakeholder Interaction - 5% Interview Question: 1. Give us an example where you had to hold your stakeholders, customers, executives accountable on commitments, communication and project decisions. Evaluation Parameters: Looking for political acuity, interpersonal relationship, managing conflict, showing example of holding themselves accountable, ensuring communication is succinct, has good ability to write reports/emails. Examples of effective project reporting - 5% Interview Question: 1. Based on your experience, what do you feel are the major items that need to be included in effective project reporting and how do you ensure the quality of the information going into these reports? Evaluation Parameters: Flags: Red, Yellow, Green Cost, Schedule, Quality, Risk, Scope Agenda, Minutes, Status Report Artefact Status: Charter, Statement Of Work, Change Request Document , Blueprints Financial Accountability - 5% Interview Question: 1. Financial accountability is a key requirement of the PM role within our organization. Based on your experience what do you feel are the key elements of financial reporting on a project. Evaluation Parameters: Financial Status on overall Project Keep finances up to date on a regular basis Identify burn rate of dollars vs. budget Communicate any challenges with finances to appropriate areas Track baseline costs and variances Track the finances against the project completion status Provide forecasts based on project completion status

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