Job Description :
Position Title: Project Manger
Location: Chicago, IL
Duration: 2 Years

Dynamic Interactive Business System Inc. is looking for a Project Manager for The State of Illinois - Statewide COVID-19 mass vaccination. The candidate will be responsible for oversight and management of the agreement with The Client including communications related to Statewide COVID-19 mass vaccination.

Requirements (All Mandatory):

The Project Manager will have a minimum of five (5) years’ project management experience, including leading at a minimum one (1) project in with a State or Federal Healthcare; similar size to this project.
The Candidate will hold briefings with the Governor, Governor’s Office staff, and Client’s leadership initially on at least a weekly basis. Some of these briefings will be held in person in Chicago and some will be held virtually. Frequency is subject to change during the duration of the resulting agreement as determined by the Governor’s Office.
The vendor will begin planning calls with The Client immediately, with the first call occurring no later than one week.
As necessary, the candidate will prepare executive level briefing materials to accompany the briefings. At a minimum, during the briefings, the candidate will provide updates on the following:
Issues with outstanding decisions to be made.
Task updates and progress towards deadlines.
Client’s COVID-19 contractor activities.

The responsibilities will include high level project management services for COVID-19 mass vaccination in Illinois. With regards, the selected project manager will be responsible but not limited to the following duties:

Provide recommendations to the Governor’s Office and senior management at The State of Illinois.
Make high level decisions in consultation with the Governor’s Office and The State of Illinois leadership.
Develop and implement a comprehensive management plan for strategy relating to COVID-19 mass vaccination in Illinois.
Lead strategy and coordinate closely with the Logistics Mass Vaccination Planning Committee.
Oversee development and execution of a COVID-19 mass vaccination plan in compliance with requirements from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations.
Provide oversight of the mass vaccination marketing plan.
Serve as a liaison between the Governor’s Office and The State of Illinois for mass vaccination issues.
Conduct routine briefings for the Governor, key staff in the Governor’s Office and The State of Illinois leadership.
Review, revise, and provide input into key planning and guidance documents.
Develop and assign tasks for completion and set task deadlines to ensure COVID-19 mass vaccination planning is on track.
Collaborate with key staff in the Governor’s Office and senior management at The State of Illinois, and other state agencies regarding COVID-19 mass vaccination operations.
Engage and communicate with external stakeholder’s key to facilitating the COVID-19 mass vaccination activities as necessary, including but not limited to local health departments, The State of Illinois COVID-19 contractors, other state and federal agencies and associations
Manage an interagency workgroup with partners integral to the COVID-19 mass vaccination operations to ensure the effective coordination and communication between these entities as necessary.

Client : Direct Client Requirement


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