Job Description :
Note: candidate should have good technical background also enough experience in any programming language Java , .Net or backend technologies like SQL etc . The Project Coordinator helps coordinate and execute pre-release product and feature programs in the C&C Org. As a Project Coordinator you ensure the visibility and impact of the program based on user's responses and feedback of the programs. In this role, you'll combine expert project management skills with a passion for a great user experience to help the team create and implement best in class pre-release testing across all Communications product areas and platforms. You'll work cross-functionally and collaborate with product owners and program manages to coordinate program planning and requirements, define milestones, manage action items, refine processes, and help pre-release programs meet deadlines. This job requires you to be an expert juggler, a master planner and a flexible Project Coordinator who can balance multiple programs at a time. This role also requires interpersonal skills and the ability to openly contribute ideas within a highly collaborative product owners and stakeholders. As a Project Coordinator you understand the various roles and the importance of making each users voice heard. You are competent in the tools that Project Coordinators use and can propose changes to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency. PCs help with defining the goal and scope of the pre-release program, help recruit, onboard, whitelist, and support testers, provide and analyze feedback by creating feedback analysis decks to give their product teams insights into pre-release products and features. Responsibilities: Own and drive pre-release program process documentation Streamline a pre-launch plan to create and manage feedback channels Increase & diversify internal and external recruitment Automate whitelisting or onboarding processes Improve quality of feedback through surveys with targeted questions Increase engagement & responses to surveys & feedback groups Create pre-release buzz through announcements and Google groups Write or review comms and docs for ease of use and a11y accessibility Support users during pre-release testing through feedback channels Analyze pre-release feedback to gather overall sentiment of a product and to identify issues & feature requests Manage and maintain the teams dashboard Partner with product teams, manage and prioritization, milestones, risk, and schedules; Keep project teams focused and productive Deliver projects using a combination of existing process and individual initiative Evaluate and improve processes and documentation for teams you support and teams you interface with; Leverage Technology: develop or improve tools or processes (software tools, techniques, automation) for repeatability and sustainability Identify team needs with