Job Description :
Job Description :
·   Need to understand the product financial and compliance functionalities and monitor on a periodic basis to ensure the logics are working as designed.
·     Ability to work with compliance team to address customer complaints and audits. Need to investigate compliance request and extract necessary data needed for analysis on demand basis.
·         Ability to define and build control measurements for critical components within the system/product to prevent any defect leakages.
·         Develop queries to help validate a complex business logic or scenario by associating tables(s) based on their relationship.
·         To be strong in creating queries and able to run it through postman, CouchDB and Oracle dB systems.
·         Ability to read and understand xml and Json files, capture XPath and create necessary mapping documentations.
·         Coordinate with QA teams during post production validation on each product releases to ensure business cases are working as designed.
·         Connect with respective partners to address any issues found post monitoring
·         Working on Agile Software Development process in conjunction with end users / stakeholders and technical delivery team

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