Job Description :
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Duration: Contract

End Client: Comcast

Implementation Partner: Tata Exlsi


The device software product team oversees software for millions of devices in customer homes, including cameras, touchscreens, settops, broadband gateways, WiFi Pods, etc. Product Management for device software requires a background in engineering / computer science as well as an understanding of how to solve customer problems using devices.

Core Responsibilities

Performs research studies and analysis to derive insights on customer problems.

Synthesizes various pieces of data and/or information into a concise and compelling narrative for the audience.

Develops business cases and supporting documentation to evaluate ROI for potential opportunities.

Leads product discovery (will the customer love the product, will the customer pay for the product, will the customer understand how to use the product

Prioritizes development activities.

Manages software portfolio.

Produces and presents software roadmaps.

Works with architecture, development, test, release management, triage, and product delivery teams to ensure timely feature development and release.

Leads strategic improvements in all phases of software lifecycle.

Scales software globally, including multiple experiences, syndication partnerships, and regionalization.

Drives device software product perspective with Business/Strategic Development stakeholders.

Evaluates opportunities for external partner collaboration, software license, or acquisition, including technical due diligence, evaluation agreements, and statements of work with external partners.

Rallies engineering teams and mobilize resources to bring products and features to market.

Provides go to market support and documentation and helps develop product marketing materials.

Leads software development for beginning and end of device life, including new device trial and deployment, warehouse procedures, installation, failure detection / replacement, and end of life.

Leads software development for in-life device management, including software upgrade, configuration, resiliency, self-healing, self-test, security, diagnostics, telemetry, logging, and credential provisioning.

Defines, develops, and implements operational frameworks for products.

Oversees development of assigned new products and services and ensures customers? needs are met.

Keeps leadership team informed of key developments and issues.

Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance.

Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends, variable schedule(s) as necessary.

Technical Background Required:

Operating system principles

Embedded software development

Software and system architecture

Telemetry as a means to drive decisions

Quality attributes of software (reliability, security, maintainability, etc)

IoT devices

IP video streaming services


WiFi technology

Agile software development

Product Management Skills:

Software roadmap development

Product discovery

Customer problem analysis

Competitive analysis

Enterprise wide cross team collaboration

Continuous process improvement

User story and requirements definition

Software portfolio management

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Passion for optimizing customer experience

Financial analysis and budgets

Vendor management

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned:

Potential for travel or a potential for 10-20% travel ? possibly internationally so maybe we want to mention that folks may need to get/already have a passport ? and I would list a familiarity with IoT/IP video streaming services and security as a helpful line item/area of focus.

Required Education:

Bachelors Degree or Equivalent, Masters Degree preferred in Computer Science / Computer Engineering.