Job Description :


Ability to perform reviews manually without leveraging any assessment tools
Ability to perform security testing based on threat models without any automated scanning tools. Manually able to test and exploit application vulnerabilities.
Proficient in mobile application security testing and reviews covering all the layers of mobile application architecture
Well versed in microservices architecture
Understands privacy concerns/regulations and able to assess code from privacy standpoint
Understands social networking/mobile gaming applications
Ability to support digital projects in Agile Methodology
Well versed in Android / iOS and programming languages (C , C++ Java , PHP)


Strong communication skills to engage stakeholders
Enthusiasm for the constant fight to ensure security and privacy on the internet
Experience communicating highly technical concepts to non-technical audience

SAST Tools experience (Checkmarx, Fortify)
Experience collaborating with compliance and policy teams, government entities, external privacy-focused community members and members of the press.
Contributions to the security or privacy community (public research, blogging, presentations, etc.