Job Description :

The day-to-day tasks expected of the resident:
Break/Fix Issues
Alerting integration
Create SO & CO services as needed
Knowledge transfer sessions
Automating tasks on PxFM
Post-deployment work on Prod-Expansion and Lab

Strong Communication skills with the ability to simplify highly technical details across a broad spectrum of audiences, Engineers, and Leadership.
Knows the Tribal Knowledge needed to get the job done! Documentation on the Support site isn't always accurate OR provides sufficient steps to complete a task. - fills in gaps of the information not provided in the documentation and networks with other people within the customer environment and Dell to know who they should be speaking to about certain tasks, issues, or updates.
Existing Relationships with Dell Support Personnel to help resolve issues and inquiries.
Excellent attention to detail and the ability to document and work outstanding issues to completion. The resource will need to project manage their own work; track issues and provide progress updates to the CUSTOMER. - weekly status update report template provided to the resource from Dell PM
Ability to work with a Brown Field (already deployed) Installation vs. New PowerFlex Platform Installation; example: do we need to adjust a setting because at install setting was set up incorrectly? - need someone who knows Brown Field and how to install it.
Demonstrated personal knowledge and experience with PowerFlex Platform; avoid back and forth / mouthpiece between CUSTOMER & Dell.
Understanding of the Process to Resolve Issues Report to Dell Support and Cisco teams.
Guiding Customer Engineers in the process to upgrade and maintain systems and identify potential issues.
Ability to clearly document processes for knowledge transfer with Customer Engineers.
Deep expertise in the PowerFlex Platform and demonstrated experience supporting the PowerFlex Platform for Dell.
Demonstrated Training / Certification with PowerFlex Technology and experience Upgrading Platforms with Major RCM Releases (i.e., can implement Tokyo 4.0 Release).
Familiarity with the Tokyo Release and any Gotcha's that could result from the upgrade.
Ability to collaborate with Engineers to resolve issue resolution and knowledge transfer.
Knowledge of the End-to-End Architecture & Best Practices for PowerFlex Platform (Compute, Storage, Network).
Demonstrated thorough knowledge of VMware and Databases (MSQL & Oracle). Real World understanding of applications/workloads that run on the PowerFlex Platform.
Thorough knowledge of Security Controls that should be applied to the PowerFlex Platform including where Events are Logged and Stored.
Experience with Telemetry Monitoring and Alerting and interfacing that with New Relic (ideally).

**Resource must 1-5 rate in HCI (HES):
VxFlex OS - Administration
VxFlex OS - Implement
Required Skills : Looking for qualified candidates, to assist as a solution architect with PowerFlex, VMware, and Brown Field tasks. The customer is looking for a resource who is a self-starter and is able to communicate effectively between them and Dell. The resource should be strong not just in communication but in PowerFlex and VMware knowledge. The customer would be elated if the technical resource knows brown field or had experience with it (install/already deployed). Must-Have Skills: *Certification with PowerFlex Technology* Need strong PowerFlex resource PowerFlex alerting, performance testing, product features, PxFM, etc. Capable of RCM upgrades Works well in mentoring or assisting new hire
Basic Qualification :
Additional Skills : 100% Remote
Background Check :Yes
Drug Screen :Yes
Notes :
Selling points for candidate :100% Remote
Project Verification Info :
Candidate must be your W2 Employee :No
Exclusive to Apex :No
Face to face interview required :No
Candidate must be local :No
Candidate must be authorized to work without sponsorship ::No
Interview times set : :No
Type of project :Implementation/Installation
Master Job Title :Storage Specialist/Engineer
Branch Code :Austin

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