Job Description :
Position: Product Owner with Integration
Location: Charlotte, NC
Duration: Long Terms

We are working on a new Federal government opportunity likely to be completed in next 2 weeks. This will be implementation and Integration of Pulse appliance in the members served by Federal government. We should have the budget and approval by next week. But want to start looking at profiles in parallel. The Product support specialist must be very fluent in communication, ability to converse and lead external stakeholders like development teams, infrastructure, security etc.

1) Product Specialist / Virtual Appliance Provisioning and Management (Role)
Complete new appliance build, provisioning, and configuration with member-specific network information in a timely fashion and in alignment with established project time lines
Communicate technical details with member IT contacts, assist in troubleshooting, and confirm connectivity
Track stages of work and completion in JIRA system for each project
Provide VM image file to members via secure download link for installation in their virtual environment
Manage existing virtual appliance status and functionality, in VMware and Hyper-V where appropriate
Set up and deploy SFTP credentials on virtual appliances and relay securely to member contacts
Work with member IT contacts to establish connectivity to data source systems in hospital network for data extraction as needed
Verify end to end connectivity from member source systems to VM and from VM to appropriate downstream systems within Premier
Report on status, delays, and any potential issues to project manager
Employ preemptive and immediate response strategies to monitor and support all integration appliances using SecureTransport®.
Experience in a Linux/Unix environment and proficiency working at the command line
Experience with Layer 2 and Layer 3 IT networking
Familiarity with FTP, SFTP, JMS, TCP, and MLLP protocols
Experience with virtual appliance build, configuration, and management: both VMware and Hyper-V deployment models
Strong customer service experience preferably with healthcare data.