Job Description :
Job Title : PeopleSoft Technical Analyst
Client Company : UHG
Location : Eden Prairie,MN (100% Remote)
Required Skills : PeopleSoft Core HR/ESS Functional
Job Description : 1) Number of openings: 2 Duration: 6-8 weeks with potential to get extended if the resource is involved with implementation phase 2) Why is this req open? Assessment needed to remove limitations within organizational matrix with onshore and offshore teams 3) Top 3 requirements? 1. Need LARGE Enterprise experience (custom environment) PeopleSoft Core HR/ESS Functional 2. Configuration experience 3. Peoplesoft technical analysis and able to gather requirements and speak to the business PeopleSoft Core HR / ESS Functional SME Notes from Conversation with Manager: *6-8 week assessment that could lead to an implementation* Project Scope / Business Driver: w/in PS HR, they have an Org structure that represents employee to manager. w/in Optum tech, there are limitations as to why they can t have an offshore employee reporting to a US Manager (less of a system issue and more of a policy) They want to see if they can open something in peoplesoft to show pages XYZ or process ABC to happen when there is an offshore employee under a US manager. Discovery around what they d need to make that happen based on the current environment and suggest a solution (including impacts, cost, time etc) delegate access making data available Core HR and ESS Custom bolt-ons that they ll interact with Need LARGE Enterprise experience (custom environment) Need someone to think ahead to implementation Don't need multi-national experience despite the team being in offshore. Peoplesoft 9.1 / 8.57 100% remote can't come onsite

Client : UHG