Job Description :
Short Description:
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is seeking a qualified Data Lead. 16+ years of experience. Designs and builds relational databases. Performs data access analysis design, and archive/recovery design and implementation.
Complete Description:
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is seeking a qualified Data Lead. Qualified candidates must have experience of working on large data projects and application development. The candidate should have demonstrable experience of working with data services, multi-tier service architectures and complex data transformations. As a data lead, the candidate will be responsible for design and development of data interfaces, collection schemas, data quality and transformation processes and will liaise with the application development lead on application development. The data lead will also be responsible for planning the delivery schedules, leading individual projects and ensuring high quality outputs from the teams. JOB DESCRIPTION Responsibilities: 1) Design and development of data processes for data ingestion, validation and transformation; 2) Design, development and implementation of data interfaces for data access and applications; 3) Design the data migration approach to the new environment; 4) Implementation of automated data testing approach and data migration; and 5) Work closely with application development team for supporting their data needs. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree with 16+ years of experience with design and development of large complex data applications; experience with complex data models, object oriented data models and data automation; strong expertise with databases and tools in Microsoft stack and data integration; and cloud experience with Big Data will be a plus. Clear written and verbal communication skills are a must. Technology requirements: Technologies: SQL Server, Azure SQL, Azure Storage and Data Lakes, Azure Databricks, WebServices