Job Description :
Position: Oracle Directory Service Enterprise Location: Upper Providence, PA (Remote) Job Type: Contract Here's the job description for the analysts supporting V-SED: 5+ years supporting an LDAP directory server (ie. ODSEE or similar) as a primary job responsibility, including but not limited to: Directory server installation, updates, security patches Establishing replication between directory servers in a multi-server environment, rebuilding replication during disaster recovery Managing directory server data backups Schema modifications Access Control Instruction creation and modification Creating and modifying database indexes Implementing certificate database for LDAPS, applying and renewing SSL certificates Ability to provide consultancy to application owners during application integration with LDAP directory Advanced troubleshooting of user authentication and application issues, including the ability to analyse access and error logs and work with application owners to determine the path forward Familiarity with SSL and TLS operation and troubleshooting of connectivity issues Ability to troubleshoot directory server performance issues Expert level familiarity with the LDAP protocol, including but not limited to: Ldapsearch, including building complex LDAP queries (AND, EITHER/OR, NOT, and all potential combinations), ability to consult with application owners for advice on how to capture data, ability to translate non-technical business requirements into appropriate filter Ldapmodify, including group membership and user attribute modification Exporting data to LDIF files, converting to .csv Familiarity with Unix/Linux OS, including but not limited to: Creating/modifying cron jobs Managing directory and file permissions, troubleshooting where necessary General Unix operations, such as checking disk space, memory/cpu usage, port availability, processes running) Familiarity with managing Unix/Linux services (ie. systemd, sysVinit) Familiarity with Unix mount points Familiarity with dual protocol file shares Familiarity with Windows, including but not limited to: IIS, managing application pools and websites Troubleshooting memory/CPU issues which may be web site related Familiarity with SOAP web service operation, support, consulting with customers using the web service Familiarity with Load balancing software and managing pools of servers, general awareness of network traffic routing and dns, including global traffic managers Familiarity with basic SQL statements (to query audit database during troubleshooting activities) Scripting powershell, bash, perl

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