Job Description :

Will sit in Minneapolis, MN


Delta Airlines

Oracle DBA – 


• Minimum 2 years of hands-on experience performing in-place upgrades of on-premise Oracle databases to 19c

• Minimum 3 years of hands-on experience setting up Oracle Physical DataGuard replication across geographically distributed sites

• Familiarity with Oracle AUTOUPGRADE PERL tool for upgrading from and databases to 19c

• Working knowledge of conversion from non-container to container databases

• Experience with using DataGuard Broker to perform database role transitions where 3 or more physical databases are in the configuration


:The Database Administrator is responsible for data analysis and database management. Database Administrators typically are involved in maintenance, enhancement, designing of data dictionaries, physical and logical database models, and performance tuning. Database Administrators are also responsible for understanding, configuring, and managing database administration tools. '-Provides database support for business applications and schedules back up jobs for user databases. -Provides access control (password resets /account creation/deletion) and checks IP compliance (violation report review, compliance updates and compliance set ups). -Performs data purging and data replication activities. -Researches on connectivity issues and recurring errors in Application database. -Responds to database alerts and takes appropriate actions. -Provides escalation Level 1 and 2 Technical 24x7 support. -Performs database creations. '-Performs performance tuning and troubleshooting for database. -Performs application database maintenance and provides technical assistance to users. -Manages database account access and database object changes. -Ensures that monitoring and alerts are properly in place to meet monitoring requirements. -Performs application database and OS scripting. -Reviews Information Protection compliance reports and notifications for individual databases and internal processes (including compliance updates and compliance set ups). -Performs data purging and data replication activities -Performs database recovery from logs, hot & cold backups, Export/Imports and Disaster Recovery. -Performs database creation decommissioning and database updates/migrations to a higher/lower version or cross platform migrations. Also involved in database, schema, and object refresh activities. -Monitors and reports existing database Instance, Database, Server activities for CPU, Memory, and Cach, logs performance, and recommends effective resource utilization/emergency recovery procedures -Provides Escalation Level 2 Technical 24x7 support. -Performs Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery activities during Business Continuity Plan events. -Plans, schedules, and implements operating system software installs and patches (including 3rd party tools) using change management and release management processes. -Implements database security and auditing features and periodic reviews. Conducts root cause analysis for repeated incidents. -Performs heterogeneous database interface deployment and support for various data interfaces with applications, Middleware interface and functionality deployment with database architecture. -Plans and develops processes for database updates and migrations to a higher/lower version or cross platform migrations. Also, involved in database, schema and object refresh activities. -Develops capacity planning processes that include monitoring of existing database Instance, Database, Server activities for CPU, Memory, Cache, Logs performance and recommends effective utilization of resources and emergency recovery procedures. -Conducts team training and responsible for resource management. -Provides escalation Level 2 and 3 Technical 24x7 support. -Provides Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery support. -Researches new technologies to address operations reliability and compliance. -implement's and performs configuration management of database cluster and replications.


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