Job Description :
1. Mange, monitor, maintain, upgrade and patch 100 Oracle databases in a fast-paced production environment.
2. Install, configure, patch and upgrade Oracle 12c and Oracle 19c databases.
3. Assist PeopleSoft application server administrators with the install, patch, configuration, monitor, and upgrade of PeopleSoft architectural components.
4. Monitor Oracle and PeopleSoft database batch jobs.
5. Diagnose and tune production databases.
6. Create & maintain Oracle database users, privileges, and permissions.
7. Maintain functional IDs and passwords.
8. Configure and administer Audit log and security compliance.
9. Implement Transparent Data Encryption on critical tables.
10. Backup, Recover, Refresh, and Clone database environments.
11. Import and export security and other components into refreshed environments.
12. Mask and obfuscate all private data in training environments.
13. Allocate and expand ASM disk for all RAC databases.
14. Collaborating with Application Developers and Security personnel.
15. Provide afterhours support 24x7 for maintenance and upgrade work

Client : InterSources Inc.


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