Job Description :

Job Title: IT Operations Professional

Location: Walpole, Massachusetts USA 02032

Shift: M-F 8am - 5pm

Contract: 12 Months (extendable)



* Performs IT operations and maintenance activities according to approved procedures, guidelines and standards.

* Contributes to planning, designing and implementing of the operational and maintenance environment for in-house IT application or infrastructure landscapes.

* Supports customization and facilitates IT operations and maintenance processes.

*Advices accountable management of the unit, in all IT operation and maintenance related issues.

*Implements programs and procedures for safeguarding data/information security and safety in IT Operations.

*Executes relevant operational and maintenance tests, and designs and documents existing and changed operational processes.

* Communicates with vendors and service providers on an accountable level to solve principle local IT problems, or cooperates with central IT in that respect.

* Drives principal IT Operations on-site or at the region.

* Performs complex IT installations, integration as well as operations and maintenance processes requiring in-depth technical knowledge in specific fields of expertise such as data centre, network, IT workplace or telecommunications operations as well as the operation and maintenance of individual and whole landscapes of business and infrastructure applications.

* Develops necessary service levels in order to fulfill operational requirements.

* Identifies operational IT problems and seeks resolutions without impact to enduser.

* Performs 2nd-level user help desk activities, individual coaching and trainings.

* Keeps abreast of developments in industry regarding IT operations and maintenance.

* Typically reports to an IT Operations Manager or Team Leader. "Expands “Needs to consider processes and results, generated in other workflows and disciplines, implies conditions and environments, and values significance to contribute effectively to team results. Needs experienced level of analytical and distinctive conceptual skills to solve issues given, which may differ in size and nature.


"Experienced Professional “These positions are expected to contribute to and deliver business processes or detailed technology solutions, in a self-managed and target-oriented manner, and thus contributes to team results. Positions focusing on analysing, developing, testing or implementing processes, technologies and systems in their specific field of expertise, from first principles. Targets are short to medium term (best to be characterized as milestones), and achievements are monitored. They may provide functional advice to and integrate services of operational staff or semi-professional colleagues. Typically, these functions review to 2 to 5 years of relevant experience in their field of work and qualification. 3-5 years Thorough professional know-how in one Sub Job Family, based on practical experience and theoretical foundation. Focus on applying and expanding acquired knowledge base. Application of knowledge in broader professional context.



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