Job Description :

Our biggest need is clearly in the OpenText space where all related employees departed and only ad-hoc minimal support remains. Given we are evaluating continued use of and consolidation into OpenText platforms, we recommend an additional full-time employee to serve as an OpenText application administrator.

Job description

Administer OpenText platforms and related environments (production, test, UAT and remote cache servers) used for Engineering project and document management.

· Ensure performant and stable service operations.

· Maintain, administer and support OpenText deployed modules such as web reports, transmittals and workflows, Content Server Configuration, Content Server Database Schema, Live Reports, categories & attributes, users, OTDS and LDAP sync, Brava, Search/Index, eLink, Remote Cache, Answer Modules Content Scripts & Forms, Automatic Document Numbering, WebDAV and Object Exporter/Importer.

· Ensure OpenText security administration.

· Provide support for OpenText deployed business applications.

· Design, implement and test OpenText disaster recovery.

· Research, review and implement the required patches and necessary upgrades for OpenText platforms and environments.

· Liaison with the vendor with any required support.

· Work directly with the customers to aid in general usage, training, access request fulfillment and debug functional issues.

· Troubleshoot and resolve Content Server and related component issues.

· Perform bulk import/export documents.

· Skill Requirements

· Good OpenText working administration and programing knowledge.

Good knowledge of OScript, WebReports and REST/Content Server APIs which includes security and attributes changes.

· Knowledge of web servers, load balancers, Windows operating Systems and IIS.


· Basic knowledge of project management.


· Energetic, willing to learn, highly engaged and occasionally willing to work off hours for critical support requests or issues.