Job Description :

·         Designs, develops, modifies, adapts and implements solutions to information technology needs through new and existing applications, systems architecture, systems strategy, integration services and applications infrastructure to meet client requirements.

·         Reviews system requirements and business processes; codes, tests, debugs and implements software solutions. Designs, codes, tests and/or customizes solutions to meet client requirements. May support systems infrastructure, desktop or network architects by preparing detailed specifications.

·         Develops new technology product ideas or strategic product extensions for internal use or as commercial products. Establishes technology product specifications, and collaborates with various functions to ensure successful product development and implementation.


Experience Required:

·         3 to 5 years Certifications: Proficient Knowledge of Java, JavaScript, SQL, PostGres preferably in Linux/Unix environment.

·         Working experience with Docker, Kubernetes.

·         Working experience with cloud, preferably with AWS.

·         Knowledge and experience with test driven experience and writing high performance code. Knowledge of security standards like OAuth, SAML, SSO, OpenID Connect is desired.


Education required: Degree qualified in a discipline related to Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent work experience.


Position responsibilities:

·         Codes, tests, debugs and implements and maintains software solutions with some assistance on complex development tasks.

·         Supports develops, tests, debugs and implements operating systems components, software tools and utilities with limited supervision.

·         Develops security solutions for routine assignments progressing to assignments with increasing complexity.

·         Provides application software development services or technical support, typically in a defined project often learning from more experienced peers.

·         Develops program logic for new applications or analyses and modifies logic in existing applications, often learning on the job from more senior colleagues as size of the challenge increases.

·         Modifies existing internal software products to add new functions, adapt to new hardware, improve performance or enhance product usability under limited supervision.

·         Implements and monitors routine system improvements to ensure successful installation and increased efficiency.

·         Ensures that applications are compatible across multiple computing platforms and browsers.


Core Skills & Requirement:

·         Functional knowledge: Requires expanded conceptual knowledge in own discipline and broadens capabilities. Requires some general supervision and/or supervision to apply technical knowledge to our industry/markets.

·         Business expertise: Understands key business drivers; uses this understanding to accomplish own work.

·         Leadership: No supervisory responsibilities. Is accountable for developing functional knowledge in order to become a full contributor to the team and its work distribution.

·         Problem solving: Solves problems in straightforward situations; analyses possible solutions using existing experience, existing standards/ precedents and processes; and will be getting more comfortable using own judgment.

·         Impact: Impacts quality of own work and the work of others on the team; works within standardized guidelines, procedures and practices and meets deadlines as described by supervisor.

·         Interpersonal skills: Exchanges straightforward information with others; asks questions and checks for understanding. Is being more independent in thought; is starting to challenge ?why? and gets involved in more difficult discussions.


Technical Skills & Requirements:

·         Analytical Thinking: Identifies data requirements and collects all relevant data needed to analyse a problem, situation or issue; considers reliability of data and sources before utilizing and referencing. Recognizes how pieces of information relate to one another and identifies root causes, patterns or logical errors. Identifies basic implications/ conclusions from the logical analysis of a routine situation or issue.

·         Application Development/Programming: Tests software applications and related programs and procedures to ensure they meet design requirements.

·         Quality Assurance: Conducts a range of quality control tests and analyses to ensure that applications meet or exceed specified standards and customer requirements.

·         Technical Knowledge/Proficiency: Demonstrates sound knowledge of technical areas within discipline; provides knowledge and input when solving problems and troubleshooting. Continually seeks new skills and challenges to enhance functional knowledge and technical skills and to gain IT expertise. Applies knowledge of current IT trends when completing own work, solving and troubleshooting problems/issues as they arise and monitoring status.

·         Troubleshooting/Technical Support: Gathers pertinent information about a problem by identifying underlying issues, analysing data and patterns, and identifying the root cause. Recommends and completes detailed solutions to problems. Draws from standard practices and previous experience to implement solutions.

Client : Financial


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