Job Description :
· Implement HA solution and define Backup/Recovery strategy
· Assist with the design of redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery to ensure effective availability, protection, and integrity of data assets
· Assist in planning and implementing capacity and resource expansion to ensure scalability of company databases
· Assist in planning and performing database upgrades and migrations
· Responsible for providing day-to-day administration support and maintenance for existing and new NoSQL databases.
· Perform debugging, tuning and performance enhancement as well as automation of operational and continuous integration aspect of the NOSQL platform
· Assist in implementing long-term strategic goals for database development in conjunction with end users, managers, clients, and other stakeholders
· Participate in agile process and analyze user requirements and, based on findings, design functional specifications for databases following database standards
· Work with agile teams and product owners to ensure database design and performance meet business requirements
· Identify inefficiencies in current databases and implement improved solutions

Education and Experience:-
· Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical training, or work experience.
· Requires 2-5 years of related experience in the design, maintenance, and administration of NOSQL databases ( Cassandra,Couchbase, Mango etc.
· Previous experience in high volume environments will be required.
· Any previous experience with Big-Data Platforms like Hadoop or Spark will be incredibly valuable
· Deep understanding of cluster management areas, such as adding/bootstrapping/removing nodes, consistency tuning, replication, and multi-DC configuration;
· Strong knowledge of monitoring, management, capacity planning and compaction strategy
· Good knowledge of database backup and recovery, connectivity and security, and role management
· Ability to express complex technical concepts effectively, both verbally and in writing
· Ability to work well with people from many different disciplines with varying degrees of technical experience
· Must be versatile, flexible, and proactive when resolving technical issues
· Excellent Interpersonal Communication Skills