Job Description :

**MANDATORY** Node, Express Server, Flex Box, Grid, Socket IO, Backbone JS experience

• architecture backend development
• HTML5 (HTML/CSS/JS) FrontEnd (Browser Based data)
• UI/UX design for Limited resource (CPU/Memory) Mobile Web Applications and Keyboard Driven HMI on LCD
• Knowledge of Mobile First / Responsive Design using raw JavaScript / CSS, Flexbox, Grid etc.
• Templating engines such as EJS, Handlebars
• REST/Async Browser/Node data exchanges (Socket IO?)
• Javascript Unit test frameworks (Jest/Mocha/Jasmine/Cypress)
• MVC/MVP/MVVP HMI architecture concepts
• Authentication/login, secure tokens
• Data visualization through charting, graphic elements
• HTML User Interface Testing frameworks(eg Smartbear TestComplete)



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