Job Description :
Role: NLP Developer with Python, Java
Location :- Charlotte , NC

Job description:
Work Experience: Minimum 7 Years of work experience

Experience in java based libraries like Stanford NLP, DL4J- Good to have
Minimum 5 years of Experience in java or knowledge in Java is must
Development of common NLP techniques such as Text classification, Tokenization, Part of Speech tagging, Text Mining, Named Entity Recognition
Experience working in chatbot platform, good understanding how NLP techniques used in virtual assistants platform
Neural Network:
Focus on Machine Learning techniques, neural networks, to train and deploys Models on NLP Platform.
Use Sequence To Sequence Models and Neural Modules for ML model training and inference.
Convolutional neural networks for prediction
Transformer network

Good to Have:

Experience with SciKit-Learn, Keras, PyTorch and TensorFlow in building multilayer NNs; etc and other ML libraries.
Develop NLP / NLU modules using Spacy, Stanford NLP, Machine Learning using Keras with Tensorflow backend.

Develop Model as Service and NLP API''s for integrating with other banking internal systems.
Knowledge of REST architecture
Knowledge of libraries like Flask, Flup, Django
Experience with Tomcat, Apache or other web servers
Solve business problem with AI powered solution.
Industry experience working throughout the complete lifecycle (from idea to execution) for machine learning in Python
4+ years programming experience in languages such as Python and having Java knowledge is a big plus
Ability to work in a positive, collaborative working style, clear communication and writing skills
Strong communication skills and good team player
Working experience in agile environment